White Plains Council approves parking rate increase

The White Plains Common Council has approved a 25-cent increase for on-street and garage parking spaces.
The move will increase the hourly rate to $1.25 in garages and on the street in the outlying part of the city and $1.50 for on-street parking downtown.
Overtime violations in the garages will also double from $10 to $20.
City officials said the decision would increase turnover on the streets and provide more of an incentive for drivers to pay in the garages. According to White Plains officials, money raised from the new rates will be reinvested in the city's parking infrastructure.
"The money that doesn't come in from parking comes out of property tax," said White Plains Mayor Tom Roach.
Not everyone was on board with the plan. Nearly 200 residents submitted a petition to the council urging against the proposals.
"The rates are too high as we the residents, especially those on a fixed income, cannot afford to pay more," said one White Plains resident at the Dec. 11 meeting.
The council did not approve a recommendation to extend parking enforcement hours downtown from 9 p.m. to midnight.
The new rates go into effect on Jan. 1, 2024.