White Plains Hospital debuts new resource for young women

At the age of 31, when all her friends were saying "I do," Gina Gizzo found herself saying yes to chemotherapy.
"I was scared, like chemotherapy, losing my hair, losing my identity, my whole life was changing," she recalls.
Dr. Yael Zack is an oncologist at White Plains Hospital Cancer Center. She says she's seen about a 10% increase in women under the age of 50 receiving a cancer diagnosis in the past five years.
"A woman under the age of 50 who gets a cancer diagnosis has a unique set of issues really separate from other patient populations," Dr. Zack explains.
She's also Gizzo's doctor, and during one of their appointments, she had an epiphany,
"I realized it would be so helpful to have a navigator, another support system that could really hold her hand, walk her through every step of the way, bring organization to probably what in those first few visits felt like a rollercoaster."
That idea came to fruition with the hospital's new "Young Women's Program For Cancer Care," which offers resources like fertility specialists, genetic testing, a wig room, help with psychological, social and sexual health, body image, nutritionists and even support groups. Something that Gina says would've made all the difference.
"It would've been a little easier. I did go to a support group that was for older women and I didn't feel like I fit in," she said.
The goal for the young women's program is to make sure no one feels like that ever again.