Winter hibernation looms for City Island businesses

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, and some City Island businesses may be forced to close shop for the winter as autumn rolls in.
During the summer, City Island residents describe the seaport as having bustling crowds, lots of good seafood and plenty of traffic.
?It?s a wonderful place to live, we just come and go when there isn?t traffic, which is before [3:00 p.m.] on any weekday or weekend,? Cheryl Brinker, a City Island resident, said.
Some residents escape the traffic by traveling via boat.
?It?s easier for us to get here on the water as opposed to taking a car here because driving on City Island can be overwhelming sometimes,? said Stephen DeLara.
While residents may find the traffic overwhelming and exhausting, City Island business owners welcome the flow of people with open arms due to the increased business. The summer season is their busiest time, and this summer hasn?t been any different.
?We had a great season, beautiful weather every weekend,? Joe Mandarino, of the City Island Lobster House, said.
However, as the warm weather turns cooler and kids head back to school, many City Island businesses will be forced to board up for the winter due to lack of business.
Business owners and residents said that although the seaport is becoming more popular throughout the year, summertime is bustling and full of life. They said they need more businesses to remain open year-round for people to not only to visit, but to stay.