Witness: Passengers concerned for safety after woman goes on racist rant

A witness who took cellphone footage of a woman going on a racist rant on a Rockland bus Saturday says passengers were concerned for their safety as the bus driver radioed for help.
"I just kept recording her. She's just going at the mouth, with the racial slurs. The N words," says 33-year-old Vladimir Philidore. He says he hit record after the passenger started hurling racial slurs at their Transport of Rockland bus driver.
His recording, which has now gone viral online, seemed to further anger the woman, who was seen at one point trying to grab his phone.
The focus of the verbal onslaught then shifted to the Spring Valley man.
So far, it's unclear what may have prompted the incident, but Philidore says the ordeal got the woman escorted off the bus by Orangetown police in handcuffs.
It's also garnered the attention of Rockland County Executive Ed Day and the County Commission on Human Rights.
There is no word from police about whether or not the woman was charged.
Day said by a statement that there's "no place for hate-filled speech in Rockland."