Witness to fatal shooting files $50 million lawsuit against Poughkeepsie hotel

This suit alleges the shooting happened because Courtyard and its parent company Marriott International don't have adequate security policies.

News 12 Staff

Nov 21, 2022, 10:16 PM

Updated 551 days ago


A woman has sued a Poughkeepsie hotel after seeing another parent shot and killed in the hotel lobby.
According to the lawsuit, Tina Martirano was having coffee with Paul Kutz in the lobby of the Courtyard by Marriott on Oct. 2. Both Long Island parents were there for the Marist College family weekend.
Martirano says she and Kutz heard a commotion and saw the accused shooter, Roy Johnson, shouting profanities, wearing a ski mask and acting erratically.
Martirano says hotel employees were laughing at the situation. 
She says Johnson then pulled out a gun and everyone ran, but she and Kutz were trapped with Johnson, who approached them. 
"Defendant Johnson then raised his arm, brandished the gun, and before Paul could even attempt to calm him down, Johnson opened fire on Paul," the lawsuit says. 
Martirano says she watched Kutz fall from his chair, gasping for air. She says she heard Johnson fire more shots, which she believes were directed at her.  
Johnson fled the scene and was arrested soon after. 
This suit alleges the shooting happened because Courtyard and its parent company Marriott International don't have adequate security policies.
The suit says Johnson and another suspect in the case, Devin Taylor, came in and out of the hotel several times the day before bringing in illegally modified guns and bomb-making materials. 

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