Word on the Street: Tennessee teen Kendra Turner suspended from school for saying 'bless you' after classmate sneezed

Tennessee teen Kendra Turner says she was suspended from her high school for saying "bless you" after one of her classmates sneezed.
The phrase was on a list of things students are not allowed to say in class. Other terms included in the school's banned list are "my bad," "hang out," "dumb," "stupid" and "stuff."
The common term derives from Pope Gregory the Great, who would say "bless you" to people who sneezed during the Bubonic Plague. News 12 The Bronx hit the street to find out if the phrase should be banned from the classroom.
Most agreed that Turner should not have been suspended from school, and went on to add that the phrase is more of a common courtesy than something associated with religion. One person said that the student could have been taken aside and reprimanded, but that a suspension was too harsh a punishment.