Work officially begins for Rockland County's Office of Buildings and Codes

Monday was day one for Rockland County's Office of Buildings and Codes.
The work officially began Monday after a state order issued back in November explained Rockland County government would take over the Spring Valley Building Department.
"This office will be operating under a strict zero tolerance policy. Any employee who does not comport entirely with the rules and regulations of New York state will be removed from participating in our efforts," said Ed Markunas, the director of Office of Buildings and Codes.
Markunas stood with other county officials at their new office in Pomona, as a 30-day moratorium was announced on any new permit applications, to address a backlog of inspections in Spring Valley - detailing more than 800 complaints need to be investigated.
Those inspections are expected to start this week.
"I promise the people of Rockland that my top goal is fulfilling this order from New York state, is to protect the health and safety of village residents, visitors and first responders. To do that, the county will not hesitate to issue substantial fines to those in violation or state codes and to do whatever is necessary to bring all this into compliance," says Rockland County Executive Ed Day.
After denying the county access to Building Department documents, Spring Valley is now complying and will give the county copies of everything it needs.
Spring Valley says the village is working closely with the county to make sure everything gets done.
The county will be setting up a satellite office at Village Hall.
Once the county's job is complete, the state will return power back to Spring Valley.
Those with housing concerns and/or complaints can call 845-364-3700 or email