Yonkers actor involved in cop killing case arrested just days prior to incident

The Yonkers actor involved in an NYPD cop killing case was arrested for disorderly conduct less than 48 hours before the deadly shooting.
According to Yonkers police, Lillo Brancato Jr. was in a fit of rage at the home of his on-again, off-again girlfriend, who was apparently trying to cut ties with him. Prior to that incident, friends say the couple seemed like a match made in heaven. They say his girlfriend, Stefanie, even set up a fan club Web site for Brancato and kept a photo diary of their trips together.
Now, Brancato remains handcuffed to a hospital bed. Police say he along with Stefanie's dad and alleged triggerman Steve Armento were involved in the shooting death of NYPD officer Daniel Enchautegui . A one-time friend of Brancato says it's a shame what happened because he was a great kid who was just led down the wrong path. He doesn't believe Brancato, who according to police has also been busted for heroin possession, is capable of murder.
Both Brancato and Armento are in stable condition and are set to be arraigned Thursday.
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