Yonkers actor involved in NYPD cop killing case has long criminal rap sheet

Police say actor Lillo Brancato Junior, who they believe was involved in the shooting death of a NYPD officer, has a long criminal rap sheet.
Neighbors in Brancato?s Yonkers neighborhood say they were not surprised when they heard that he may have been involved in the shooting death of Officer Daniel Enchautegui. Residents say Brancato tried to sell items from the set of a movie he played in to get drug money. Police say not only was Brancato arrested last week, but cops tell News 12 that he was busted last June for heroin possession.
Brancato is facing a second-degree murder charge. His alleged partner in the shooting Steve Armento is facing first and second-degree murder charges. A wake is being held in the Bronx Monday for Officer Enchautegui.