Yonkers business owner relieved about easing of mask, vaccine mandates

Many business owners say they are relieved to hear the state mask and vaccine mandate is lifting.
Gov. Kathy Hochul announced that the state is lifting its mask and vaccine mandate Thursday for indoor businesses. Counties and cities can still issue their own mask mandates.
Customers News 12 spoke to at Dom & Vinnie's in Yonkers are rejoicing, too.
The business is among those hard-hit throughout the pandemic but has made a comeback thanks to loyal customers.
Michael Dolgetta, owner of Dom & Vinnie's, says he is relieved.
"I think it's about time," he says.
Dolgetta says he is tired of enforcing the state mandate.
"Some people just refuse to mask up and a lot of confrontations among the customers but overall, we did the job," he says,
Individual businesses can enforce their own requirements for masks or vaccines, and cities and counties can also issue their own mandates, but Hochul says the decision to end the state's mandate is based on data that shows COVID hospitalizations are down 63%, compared to a month ago - as well as on discussions with community and business leaders.
For many business owners, lifting the mask and vaccine mandate signals a new era.
"It signals we are reemerging, that business can get started again, that the economy is going to be buzzing as we did before the last time," says Marsha Gordon, of the Westchester Business Council.