Yonkers Council majority leader claims harassment, explains term limit vote

The majority leader says her first term has been filled with threats and intimidation.

Jonathan Gordon

Nov 29, 2022, 3:10 AM

Updated 595 days ago


The majority leader of the Yonkers City Council told News 12 that she has been facing a year of harassment by people who she says have been targeting her to persuade her votes.
"I have been harassed by so-called "activists and community leaders," when in reality they are anarchists and extortionists," she said in a statement.
She also claims they are going after her because of her race and gender.
"It is clear that these people have targeted me, a woman of color instead of my white male counterparts on the council in hopes of bullying me into voting on the council for their agenda."
Diaz released this statement a week after she got into a verbal altercation with several people attending last Tuesday's City Council meeting regarding term limits. She ultimately voted in favor of amending the charter to allow city elected officials including the mayor and council members to serve four consecutive four-year terms.
Diaz was elected to serve the city's 3rd District in 2019.
The majority leader says her first term has been filled with threats and intimidation.
"I have faced badgering and harassment at community events. I have been assaulted at food distributions to the less fortunate. These individuals have attempted to extort me into voting their way on key issues before the council by threatening me with a primary and continued harassment."
Ultimately, her vote in favor of extending term limits came down to letting people have the final say on who runs and for how long.
"The consensus is Yonkers is moving in the right direction; therefore, I want to put the rights solely in the residents of this city whether or not their elected officials should continue to represent them.
I represent the voices of the people in this city TODAY, not the ones 21 years ago that voted yes to a referendum."

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