Yonkers man says house he was building in Greenburgh was set on fire on Halloween

Security cameras caught the incident at 23 Drago Way.

News 12 Staff

Nov 2, 2023, 9:48 PM

Updated 258 days ago


A Yonkers man says the house he was building in Greenburgh was set on fire on Halloween.
Sami Jamal bought the property at 23 Drago Way in Greenburgh two years ago and has been building this house ever since. He says his family was about a month out from moving in when things took a terrible turn on Halloween night at around 9:35 p.m.
His security cameras caught the whole incident.
"He was wearing a white jumpsuit with a big mask and he had in his right hand a can of gasoline. In the left hand, an axe," Jamal says.
The video shows the suspect smashing through the back door and running into the home to set the fire before running back out. The whole thing took about two minutes.
"I think he caught fire because he jumped from this window and caught fire and he lifted his mask so he can breathe," Jamal says.
The floors and ceilings of the home need to be replaced, and all the electrical work is ruined.
"We don't know the damage yet, but it's in excess of $100,000, at least," Jamal says.
The family's move-in date is now postponed indefinitely. But right now, their concern is who set the home in fire.
Police are asking anyone who may recognize the suspect or have any information about the fire to give them a call.

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