Yonkers nonprofit asks for medical supply donations for troops in Ukraine

Yonkers’ health care support nonprofit, the Afya Foundation, wants the public's help in putting together medical supplies for troops in Ukraine.
Officials from the nonprofit say medical supplies are desperately needed in Ukrainian military and field hospitals.
The Afya Foundation connects those who have medical supplies with those who need them, delivering hope and healing around the world. Starting Monday, Afya's volunteers will pack the nonprofit's warehouse to put together supplies for shipment to the frontlines.
Afya has been working for weeks now with the U.S.-Ukraine-Foundation and the Main Military Hospital in Kyiv.
It has 20 pallets ready to go with some of the most needed supplies that include surgical kits, wound care supplies, PPE, and portable biomedical equipment.
Afya Foundation founder Danielle Butin says Ukraine's health care system has been under-resourced and at-risk since 2014.
The foundation will deliver supplies next month.
People can help by giving money, volunteering their time, or donating something as grandiose as a cargo plane to help deliver supplies.