Yonkers officials, Precision Concierge New York hand out more than 1,400 boxes of food

Families in Yonkers got some much-needed help to put food on the table.
Yonkers officials and Precision Concierge New York teamed up to hand out more than 1,400 boxes of fresh produce, meat and dairy products.
"I appreciate the food we've been given," says Yonkers resident Donald Saunders. "It helps out a lot and stuff. The city of Yonkers doing something that's good for the people."
Each family received a 40-pound box with a variety of fresh foods.
"This pandemic did not create the food emergency, but it helped expose the food emergency," says City Council President Mike Khader. "So, what we're doing is giving to Yonkers, to the most needy families."