Yonkers officials: Schools are ready for in-person learning beginning Monday

Yonkers school officials say they're confident in-class learning is safe, even after another COVID-19 case was found in the district.
A staff member from School 13 has tested positive for coronavirus. Officials say the last time that person was in the building was Tuesday, but they had limited interaction with staff.
The district is transitioning from 100% remote learning to a hybrid model beginning on Oct. 5.
“My team has done the work. We have informed our parents. We have provided the tools for our teachers to do it. We are working in collaboration with our teachers, our administrators, our civil service employees and the central office team to ensure that we're ready," said Dr. Edwin Quezada, the superintendent of schools.
The Yonkers Federation of Teachers sent a letter to the community highlighting what they say are ongoing safety issues related to the reopening of school buildings. But the head of the Yonkers Council of PTA/PTSA Carmen Goodstein says she believes the district is ready for in-person classes.
The district has spent nearly $12 million on COVID-19 expenses to make sure both students and staff are safe.
They include:  
  • $4 million on ventilation repairs.
  • $2.5 million on electronic devices.
  • Nearly $643,000 on surgical masks.
  • $200,000 on air purifiers.
  • $2.4 million on additional bus routes/new buses.
“We believe that the district is ready, and we'll deal with whatever bumps in the road come our way – but we have to start,” says Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.
Yonkers has nearly 27,000 students. Officials expect less than 8,000 to be in classrooms on Monday.