Yorktown holds candlelight vigil for Israel, prays for peace in its war with Hamas

The Yorktown community held a candlelight vigil Sunday night and offered prayers as the conflict between Israeli forces and Hamas militants rages on in Israel.
Yorktown For Justice organized the event which drew a crowd of people who said they were not taking either side, but the "human" side in the conflict.
"We're holding every innocent victim and their family here and abroad in our hearts as we pray together for peace," said Yorktown For Justice's Judyth Stavans.
Those who attended said they were especially moved to action by the images of war and suffering on both sides of the war.
"It was important for me to be here because they made a platform to embrace not only the Israelis that were hurt in this massacre, but also the Palestinians who are afraid and have been massacred as well," said attendee Linda Paris, of Carmel.