Young people play vital role in assisting with polls

Nanuet voters were welcomed by a team of fresh young faces on Tuesday.
As elections evolve, young workers are playing an increasingly vital role by helping with things like ballot machines and poll pads.
Alexandra Gonzalez, 35, of Congers, says elderly people aren’t too familiar with the new practices. “Older people are used to books and search finders, they can’t acclimate as fast as a younger person would,” says Gonzalez.
Young workers like Jaime Blackford are excited for the opportunity, saying in part, “I really like it, it's really cool. I make friends, always laughing. It’s getting my day going.”
Election officials tell News 12 they are excited to see more interest in elections among younger generations and hope that the trend continues.
Scroll through the photos below to see the lines of people voting