2 of 172 sirens fail during Indian Point test

Indian Point sirens were tested in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Orange counties today around 10:30 a.m.
170 out 172 sirens passed, while two failed - one in Rockland and one in Westchester.
Even though the plants are closed, the tests are continuing as part of the emergency planning process. They still test the sirens because there is spent fuel in the buildings.
Indian Point Unit 3 was shut down on April 30, while Unit 2 was shut down in April 2020. Holtec International is decommissioning the facility. Officials expect those siren tests to continue quarterly until late 2023.
In an actual emergency, the sirens would sound to alert the public to tune in to a local radio or television station for important information and directions.
Viewers took to social media confirming they heard the noise ring off. Dan Blumburg says, "Nothing like a 4 minute long siren to remind you that you have a headache -- not to mention that even tho Indian Point is no longer producing electricity, the spent rods remain on site."