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20-year-old cold case murder reevaluated for possible connections to Gilgo suspect

Jodi Marie Brewer disappeared from Las Vegas 20 years ago on Aug. 14, 2003, when she was 19.

Tara Rosenblum and Lee Danuff

Aug 14, 2023, 9:49 PM

Updated 313 days ago


A Las Vegas cold case murder is now being reevaluated for possible connections to suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann.
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Jodi Marie Brewer disappeared from Las Vegas 20 years ago on Aug. 14, 2003, when she was 19.
Her torso was discovered wrapped in cloth and plastic two weeks later in the Mojave Desert.
"She had gone out for the night, and she said, 'I love you mom.' She said, 'I’ll see you in the morning,' and I said, 'I love you' to Jodi. And I never saw her again," says her mom, Pam Brewer.
Heuermann owns a timeshare just a few miles off the Las Vegas strip.
"It seems to me like the area that he bought the condos in was prostitution areas and that it would have been really easy for him," says Pam Brewer.
Brewer says her daughter had turned to prostitution - like the Gilgo victims - after falling into the wrong crowd and using drugs.
The Turn To Tara team's close review of 266 cold case murders in Las Vegas shows that four other sex workers died in similarly suspicious circumstances between 2003 and 2006. A Las Vegas law enforcement source tells News 12 he has no doubt that "one person is to blame for at least several of those cases."
The source says DNA evidence could take many months to process since the older it is, the more it degrades over the time.
"Hearing the whole Rex thing, it's totally different now because it gives us a little hope," says Pam Brewer.
Jodi's sister, Jacqueline Brewer, agrees.
"Hopefully, we can get some resolutions," she says.

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