Pump Patrol: Gas prices headed over $4 a gallon

Gas prices are heading over $4 a gallon, and News 12 is on "pump patrol" for you to track what it means for your wallet.
Experts say that since Russia is a major supplier of the world's oil, the Ukraine invasion has oil and gasoline prices soaring to their highest levels since 2014.
AAA says the average price at the pump in Westchester and Rockland counties is $3.92 for a gallon of regular gas.
That's about 8 cents more than the statewide average. 
"It's skyrocketing. It's crazy. It takes $90 to fill this up. It's almost double what I used to pay," says Joshua Campbell, of Pleasantville
"I have a Jeep, which isn't so great on gas. But I've never paid this much, as long as I've been around, for gas. As long as I've been alive," says Lauren Burn, of Mohegan Lake.
Experts believe prices aren't dropping anytime soon as the Russian-Ukraine conflict intensifies and economic sanctions continue.
But there are ways to save some money - the next time you fill up your tank.
According to Gas Buddy, the Mobil on Washington Street in Peekskill is charging $3.55 if you're paying cash.
News 12 is asking viewers to help us find the cheapest gas in our area. You can add to our list here.