Actor Liev Schreiber faces harassment charge in Rockland court

Actor Liev Schreiber appeared in Rockland County court Tuesday, accused of shoving a photographer's camera in June.
The criminal complaint filed against the actor alleges he pushed a freelance photographer while he was filming the Showtime drama series "Ray Donovan" in Nyack. Schreiber also allegedly used some choice words to tell the photographer to go away.
Freelance photographer Sherwood Martinelli, of Nyack, says he captured a picture moments before he claims he was attacked by the actor. Martinelli says he was just doing his job by attempting to snap a photo of a celebrity.
"Then he charged me and hit my shoulder, and knocked my camera out of my hand, started screaming and yelling and me and basically telling me to get the 'f---' out of there," he says.
Schreiber pleaded not guilty to a charge of second-degree harassment. His attorney asked for a dismissal, but the prosecution objected.
The actor briefly spoke with News 12 after his court appearance. He maintains his innocence.
"I never touched his body with my body. I was pissed, but that was it," he says.
Schreiber also had a Twitter exchange with a News 12 reporter in which the actor said he was surprised by the photographer's absence in court. Schreiber said the photographer was even outside the courthouse, taking pictures.
Schreiber's future appearances have been waived. Attorneys for both sides are back in court next month to determine if the case will move forward.