ALERT CENTER: BA.2, a new variation of Omicron, detected just over Westchester border

A new COVID-19 subvariant named BA.2 is officially in the tri-state area.
The variant, which is of the same lineage as the Omicron strain, was detected in Fairfield County, Connecticut - which lines the New York border.
Health officials say it's been found in at least 40 countries already.
While scientists are hopeful the new variant is mild like the original Omicron, it's hard to detect and could be more contagious.
Nearly 15,000 cases have been confirmed worldwide with 96 of them in the U.S.
Scientists are still looking into how contagious it may be, but it's spreading quickly in Denmark. The good news is that officials are seeing no difference in hospitalizations in Denmark.
The World Health Organization says investigations looking into immunity and severity "should be prioritized."