American Red Cross installing free smoke alarms for Spring Valley residents

Volunteers from the American Red Cross’s Metro New York North Chapter were out in Spring Valley on Saturday installing free smoke alarms and speaking to residents about fire safety.
The initiative, as a part of the American Red Cross “Sound the Alarm” program, saw about 100 volunteers going through training to install about 200 smoke detectors in Spring Valley.
"Spring Valley is one of the highest responding cities that we have in Rockland County, for the Red Cross," said Stephanie Dunn Ashley, CEO of the American Red Cross Metro NY North Chapter. "So it is our signature city just because of the reason of all the fires that are here. We do spend a lot of time here unfortunately."
This event is significant for Spring Valley as building code violations have continued piling up. One of those violations lead to the tragic death of firefighter Jared Lloyd over a year ago. Even more recent, was the fire that broke out at Country Village Towers back in March..
"If your upstairs or downstairs, you need to be able to find a way out that's fast," added Dunn Ashley.
The Red Cross tells News 12 they spend too much time in Spring Valley and they hope to change things with this event.
Anyone in need of a smoke detector can sign up for one at no cost on the Red Cross website.