An up-close look at the Westchester county executive race ahead of Election Day

Election Day is only a week away, so News 12 is taking a closer look at the race at the top of the ticket in Westchester.
News 12's Tara Rosenblum caught up with Westchester County Executive George Latimer and his Republican opponent, Christine Sculti.
From battling the COVID-19 pandemic to keeping property taxes at bay and delivering a balanced budget, Westchester County Executive George Latimer says he's proud to campaign on his record over the past four years.
"You have to look at way we handled COVID-19 crisis. I feel we showed under pressure we could make intelligent decisions," says Latimer.
Should he win, Latimer says you won't see his name on the ballot for the county's top job ever again.
"Eight years is enough for the president, and it's enough for me," says Latimer.
The Democratic statesman is being challenged by a former member of his predecessor's administration. Christine Sculti served eight years in county government under Republican Rob Astorino.
"I've been crisscrossing the county all summer and fall, talking to voters of all stripes. And there is a groundswell. They are all fed up - the high taxes, runaway spending," says Sculti.
While Sculti heads into Election Day as the clear underdog, the first-time GOP candidate is hopeful voters will connect to her push for more checks and balances in Westchester.
The Democrats currently hold every countywide office and 16 out of 17 legislative seats.
"The problem with one-party rule is it lacks balances. It lacks accountability. It lacks transparency," says Sculti.
No matter who wins, history will be made.
For Latimer, it would mark his 20th consecutive political victory - a state record.
A win for Sculti would make her Westchester's first female county executive.