As some Rockland COVID clusters improve, new statewide restrictions kick in

As the COVID-19 crackdown eased up in some Rockland County cluster zones, new restrictions have been implemented statewide.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Friday that portions of Rockland, like Hillcrest, can now move from the orange COVID cluster zone to yellow.
The yellow zone means that mass gatherings are allowed with 25 people maximum, houses of worship are back up to 50% capacity and indoor dining can reopen with four people per table at most.
While this is a relief for many residents and businesses, another wave of restrictions has kicked in Friday.
Restaurants, bars and gyms across the state must shut down at 10 p.m. Curbside food pickup and delivery is still allowed.
Cuomo said he will hold an emergency summit with governors in surrounding states this weekend to align COVID policies around travel, dining, gyms, parties. This could lead to more restrictions put in place.
While some residents told News 12 say it feels like they took two steps forward one step back, others say they agree with regulations.
Orangeburg resident Derek Dowling says, "We're saving lives and the percentages are going up as far as people getting COVID, so I think we need to take some precautions."