Audit faults Bronx schools for Regents test storage

An audit conducted in January by the state comptroller cites that some schools in the Bronx are not storing Regents exams properly, possibly giving some students an unfair advantage.
The document claims Lehman High School violated the Regents exam policy by "not keeping their examination materials inside Regents boxes and for having test materials opened." Inspectors say they found a packet of earth science exams with a tear in the packaging.
Alfonso Davino, assistant principal of operations at Lehman High School, is responsible for safeguarding the exams. Davino says that his school also stores exams for other schools in a locked vault. He adds that no students saw any tests before exam day, and the tear in the earth science exam packaging could have been caused by shipping.
The New York State Regents exams come to schools in tightly sealed packaging and the seal is only broken one day before the exam is scheduled. Later this month, students will be taking the tests.
Davino says he has learned from his school's violation. He says he will report any future violations to the state Department of Education immediately.
The audit also cited South Bronx Preparatory High School.
The city and state departments of education say the audit does not reflect the majority of schools and they will follow up with schools that have gotten violations this year.