'Bans Off Our Bodies' are preparing for a 'summer of rage'

Abortion rights activists are preparing for a "summer of rage" should the Supreme Court overturn Roe V. Wade.
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"I marched in Michigan and I got people to sign the referendum so we could pass abortion in Michigan, and we did. And I cannot believe I'm standing here 50 years later and I am doing the same thing," says protestor Karyn Schorr.
Supporters are making it clear that abortion is not​ just a women's issue.
Lloyd Richards Jr. said, "For people telling them…what they can and can't do with their body, it doesn't sit right with me.  So I'm here as a male and a young man to support our women's rights for the right to choose for their own body."
Allison Fine is a Plan C abortion pill activist.  She says, "This is legal right now in every state…Its 98% effective for first trimester abortions. Its safer than Tylenol. Approved by the FDA 22 years ago."
Abortion activists say outlawing abortions will only outlaw safe, legal procedures done by medical professionals.
Assemblywoman Amy Paulin said, "When I was young I would say to my mom, ‘Why doesn't Aunt Mae have children?’ I learned later that it was because she had a botched abortion."
Today's demonstrations are in protest of the Supreme Court's leaked draft decision that supports overturning the landmark case.