Black History Month: Rockland church honors Black History Month through art

The Sinai Seventh Day Adventist Church on Johnson Street in Spring Valley is coming together to honor Black History Month through art.
More than 100 of the churchgoers brought in art from their homes to create a museum with the theme centered around African Americans and the arts.
Many are Haitian and the collection reflects their culture.
"Every person just brought in one thing and it's very impactful,” said Josue Eloi, who grew up in Spring Valley and has been part of the church his whole life. He organized the collection. It’s the third time they’ve done it.
"The logo on the Haitian flag is 'L'Union Fait La Force' which means in unity there is strength. And so asking just one person to bring in an artifact from home, as you can see, has compiled into a huge art gallery," said Eloi.
Eloi brought in a painting that reminds him of his mother - strong and resilient.
His art - like many others there- are from in Haiti.
The collection will be up until Friday Feb. 16 and there is no fee to see it.