'Blankets of Hope' teams up with NJ barbers to offer hair cuts, blankets to those facing homelessness

Times Square was like a ghost town at the height of the pandemic, but this past Giving Tuesday, it was buzzing again.
Nick and Mike Fio, co-creators of "Blankets of Hope," took to the streets to hand out blankets to those facing homelessness. 
"The secret of living is giving—there's no greater feeling in the world than to be able to give to someone else without expecting anything in return," says Nick Fio. 
But this time was a little different. Alexander Calle, owner of Solutions Barbershop in Jersey City, brought along a pair of barbers to give out fresh cuts for free.
For one man, the kind deed made a unique difference. It was Benjamin's 26th birthday, and he was so grateful for the extra attention barbers Juan and Carina paid to his grooming.
"When someone looks good, they feel good," says Calle. "And when they can feel good, they can be the best version of themselves. And that's the type of energy that we want to give to everyone that we come in contact with."
As the Fio brothers enter their fifth season of giving with Blankets of Hope, they're calling on teachers from all around the world to help them with their mission of donating 40,000 blankets to those in need. Each blanket comes with a handwritten note for its recipient, and it's school children who write those loving letters. Teachers interested in pairing their classrooms with Blankets of Hope can visit their website for more information.