Bronx business cleans up NY’s Great White Way

Ernest Winzer is a dry cleaning business that has been setting the stage for show business since 1908.
Costumes from Broadway hits including "Cinderella," "Pippin" and Radio City's "Christmas Spectacular" are primped and prepped at the University Height's warehouse.
Owners Bruce and Sarah Barish and a team of 20 work to wash the blood, sweat and tears that go into each Broadway performance in just about 24 hours.
"We do know we do have a big responsibility," said Bruce Barish. "We deliver during hurricanes, delivered during snowstorms. We just had to deal with the riots a couple weeks ago which was one of the crazy ones we had to deal with."
As they push their theatrical pieces out the door, they make room for a laundry list of other services like storage.
They will also pick up, dry clean and drop off personal garments.