Bronx man says he can’t sleep after NYPD mistakes him for murder suspect

A Bronx man says he can’t sleep, can’t talk on the phone and can’t even think straight after he says guns were stuck in his face and he was yelled at by people who ended up being police officers. 
Martell Niblack is a 34-year-old from Morissania with three kids and no criminal record. He says that Wednesday night, he was driving home from work and talking on the phone with his mom when, out of nowhere, his car was surrounded by unmarked vehicles and multiple people pointed guns at him. 
Martell says he thought he was being robbed. 
He says that as the men yelled at him to get out of the car, he dropped his phone. But it wasn’t until Martell got out of the car that he saw badges and realized he was being surrounded by police officers–who he says never, at any point, identified themselves as NYPD. 
He says he started to record what was happening on his phone and says he heard a call on the radio and the police started to back off and leave him alone. 
The NYPD says they thought they were face to face with a murder suspect, thinking Martell was the man wanted for a homicide back on Dec. 22 but realized he was the wrong person. 
The NYPD emphasized that Martel was never removed from his car, questioned, or taken into custody. 
Now, Martel filed a notice of claim, seeking $1 million. He and his mother say it’s not about the money, but about accountability. 
Martel tells News 12 that as the legal process plays out and he’s forced to relive the night over and over again, he’s looking forward to finding a therapist to help him try to clear his mind.