Bronx residents decry proposed jail site

Community groups, residents and some politicians are protesting a proposed plan to build a jail at Oak Point.
The Department of Corrections plans to build a 2,000 bed facility with a price tag of $375 million. They explain they want Bronx inmates to be closer to their families and closer to community services to help them once they get out of jail.
Many say the money could better serve the children of south Bronx. "We need money invested in our community for better health care, better housing, better schooling," says Janet Traveras.
Steven Smith, president of the bankrupt company that currently owns the property, also opposes the facility. Smith says, ?"I want to see the community work with the city and the owner and figure out what should go on the property and let's build some jobs.?
Smith has filed a lawsuit against the city and received a temporary restraining order that stops the city from beginning the permitting process of the jail.