Bronx residents walk against gun violence

Bronx residents took to the streets Saturday to walk against gun violence and honor the lives of neighbors and friends taken by guns.
Participants shouted, ?Save our children, no more guns!? in the walk sponsored by the Bronx chapter of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. They say gun violence is a growing problem not just in the Bronx, but all over, and that it must be stopped.
Families of gun violence victims who attended the walk say they want stricter gun laws to prevent further violence. New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, who attended to show his support, says Bronx residents should lobby nationally.
"90 percent of the guns we confiscate here come from out of state, so something needs to be done on a national level. Sometimes the voices in the community, the local community, are the ones that are gonna be heard the loudest,? Kelly said.
Organizers of the walk wanted to send the message to children that they never have to resort to gun violence. They say there is always an adult for children to reach out to.