Brooklyn couple from Mexico runs farm to provide for thousands of New Yorkers

A couple who immigrated from Mexico to Brooklyn in the 1980s has built a successful family-run farm that provides produce for thousands of New Yorkers.
The Angel Family Farm started in 2006 after Ana Angel saw an ad for farmers wanted in Orange County. She had grown up on a farm in Mexico and had always hoped to find a way to get back to her roots.
Eventually, Ana and her husband Chrisostomo went on to build a produce farm in Goshen that is ran solely by them and their children.
"We have been in it together since the beginning, obviously when we were much younger. I was 14, we had a 1-year-old, a 3-year-old, and my brother was 13,” says Ana’s oldest daughter, Lizbeth Angel.
Decades later, the farm continues to grow even at 80 miles away.
"We're migrant workers but we're city migrant workers,” says Lizbeth. “In the winter, we live here in Brooklyn in Park Slope, and April to November, we migrate to upstate New York to our farm."
During the warmer season, the family wakes up at 4 a.m. every day to drive down to the city and sell their fresh produce at markets across Brooklyn and Queens.
"We mainly sell our vegetables through community supported agriculture, which is CSA, and New York City farmer's markets,” Lizabeth Angel says.
The Angel family’s next goal is to build a barn and a farm stand on their farm.
For more information, visit the Angel Family Farm Facebook page.