Busted elevator leaves some BX tenants stranded

A busted elevator has turned some tenants into prisoners of their own Grand Concourse apartments.
The elevator at 1750 Grand Concourse has been out of order for three weeks, forcing some residents to walk up as many as seven flights of stairs. The elevator's inside and outside doors were vandalized."I'm trapped because I can't even walk down the stairs. I can't do it," said 81-year-old Elfrieda Greenway. Since her knee surgery, she's had to use a walker and cane to get around. Greenway said she's had to cancel her doctor?s appointments and she now relies on a friend to run her errands.
News 12 The Bronx also spoke to other tenants recovering from surgery and pregnant residents with similar complaints.
The manager said he put in a request for new doors and is waiting for them to arrive, but he could not give a date as to when the repairs would happen. He claims he's already spent $14,000 on elevator repairs since last January. The manager blames the tenants for breaking the elevator.