BX residents, city agencies gear up for Hanna

As Tropical Storm Hanna makes its way towards the Bronx, leaving a path of destruction in the Carolinas, some local neighborhoods are gearing up for downpours and potential flooding.
According to the New York City Office of Emergency Management, Edgewater Park, Silver Beach, Locust, Clason Point and Throgs Neck can expect flooding as a result of the approaching storm.
On City Island, boat owners tied extra ropes to their vessel and added bumpers to their docks. Some even took Friday off work to get ready for the coming storm and secure their boats.
In Edgewater Park, many homes are adjacent to a seawall. While some residents believe it is dangerous, others, like Dawn Ramos and her husband, say they are not particularly nervous about what Mother Nature has in store.
"Everything is secure, windows are tight, just watch and pray,? Ramos says.
In preparation for the storm, some Bronx families hit the supermarkets Saturday, stocking up on staples like bread and milk- just in case.
?I just want to hatch down tonight,? says Diane Timper, of Throgs Neck. ?I don't want to be bothered coming out. I want to sit and just wait it out.?
In the meantime, many city agencies are also preparing for Hanna. Consolidated Edison representatives say they are ready to dispatch additional crews to the Bronx in case of power outages. Residents who lose power in their homes are asked to call 1-800-75-CONED.
Hanna is expected to arrive in New York mid afternoon and remain in the area until early Sunday morning. A flood watch is in effect for New York City, with expected rainfall amounting from 4 to 6 inches. Heavy winds are also in the forecast.