Cameras record motorcycle theft from front yard of Soundview home

A motorcycle was stolen right out of a man's front yard on White Plains Road, and the entire heist was caught on surveillance video.
The bike owner, who did not want his identity revealed, says three men came to his home and stole his black 2013 Suzuki GSR 1000 last Thursday. He just bought the bike three months ago.
Surveillance cameras outside the home show one of the men wearing some type of badge around his neck and another with distinctive tattoos on his arms.
After about 10 minutes of cutting the chain holding the bike, the two men put the bike into a van that a third man pulled into the driveway.
The bike owner and his fiancee say they don't know who would have taken the bike, but they are afraid it might be someone they know. One of the men was covering his face and they say he might have known about the surveillance camera.
The bike owner is offering $2,000 for any information that leads to getting his bike back.