Car caught in police-involved shooting crossfire in Mott Haven

A man says his car got caught in the crossfire of a police-involved shooting on Monday in Mott Haven, leaving him stranded.
Joaquin Mercado Jr. says police have yet to contact him about his vehicle that has become part of a crime scene.
Mercado says he and his family had come up to the area from South Carolina because his father just passed away. He says they had just gotten into their car when they saw a man running toward their car and police shouting to "get down on the ground."
Mercado says that two officers shot at the man. One of the bullets hit his car. While he and his family were unharmed in the incident, Mercado says he is now left with no way to get home.
Mercado says his goal is to stay focused on his father's funeral and taking care of his family.
A 19-year-old male was shot by police in the incident. Police say the teen was taken into custody and brought to Lincoln Hospital.
The victim's identity has yet to be released, but News 12 has learned that police recovered two guns.