Caravan of cars converges in New City to show support for President Trump

American flags and pro-Donald Trump banners took center stage in front of the Rockland County Courthouse Sunday.
The group's main objective: to show support for four more years of President Trump.
Hundreds of supporters honked horns in front of the courthouse, as a caravan of cars converged on Main Street in New City.
"I'm here to save America. If Trump is our president, we have America. If Trump's not our president, our country's gonna crack in half," says Barry Fixler, of New City.
Diane Edsall, of Pearl River, said she loves the president, and she wants another four years.
Across the street, a Biden/Harris supporter shared his point of view.
"I feel strongly about this. People should know it's not about all of them. Trump broke his oath to this country and he's an enemy of the Constitution," says Steve Landau, of Spring Valley.
Many people at the gathering said they have been attending similar rallies throughout the day and more are planned in the days ahead.