Carmel school board holds 1st meeting since racist videos were posted by students

Carmel school officials say the students will be reprimanded because the videos violate the district's code of conduct.

News 12 Staff

Feb 23, 2023, 11:55 AM

Updated 459 days ago


The Carmel School Board is holding its first meeting since students posted racist videos on TikTok earlier this month.
But the videos weren't the focus of the meeting. 
It could be because of an email the district sent to parents, explaining that there will be two meetings for parents to specifically talk about the videos next week.
People in the district say they want others to know Carmel is a wonderful place and the students involved should be reprimanded and taught that videos like these can impact others.
Though the videos didn't come up at the meeting, the board has said it's appalled and condemns them.
According to school officials, the videos featured students impersonating members of the school district's administration and the Putnam County Sheriff's Department.
They didn't say what was in the videos, but apparently the students used artificial intelligence to create them.           
While Putnam County Sheriff officials say the student's actions did not violate any laws, school administrators say the incident is a violation of the district's code of conduct. They say the students are being dealt with in accordance with those rules. 

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