Carvette Gentiles sentenced in 2009 shooting of 15-year-old Vada Vasquez

The gunman accused of shooting an innocent Bronx girl back in 2009 will spend the next 15 years behind bars.
Carvette Gentiles was sentenced at the Bronx County Hall of Justice after authorities say a stray bullet from a gun he fired hit 15-year-old Vada Vasquez in the head while she was walking home from school. He had pleaded guilty to first-degree assault in July.
Gentiles, who was just 16 years old at the time, is also known as the "baby-faced" shooter. Prosecutors say he was aiming for a rival gang member, who was also wounded.
The Bronx district attorney spoke on behalf of Vasquez and her family, saying that the teen does not forgive Gentiles or the other men involved. The DA says Vasquez still has trouble forming sentences and has panic attacks when she hears sirens.
Two men were already sentenced in connection with the shooting. Clivie Smith was sent to prison for 11 years, while Rohan Francis also received a 15-year sentence. A fourth suspect, Darrell Joe, is expected to learn his fate later this month.