Cat missing following 5-alarm fire in Woodbury

Yan says rescuers reported seeing his cat, Wolfgang, running away from the fire.

Blaise Gomez

Aug 17, 2022, 7:14 PM

Updated 650 days ago


Authorities in Orange County are investigating the cause of a five-alarm fire that destroyed a home and badly damaged another. 
The owner of the house the fire started in spoke with News 12 about the ordeal and his efforts to find his cat that’s missing since. 
“He’s a rescue,” said Evan Yan. “He is black and white and doesn’t have a collar on. He has a black chin strap.” 
Yan says rescuers reported seeing his cat, Wolfgang, running away from the fire. 
The 32-year-old says he was working from home and left for a hike Tuesday afternoon when his neighbor called saying to come home. 
“She just said it’s urgent. You have to come back. There was a bad fire,” said Yan. 
Woodbury fire officials say the front of his house on Shuit Road was engulfed in flames when they arrived after getting a call for help. 
“I was driving down Route 6 over the mountain and you could see the smoke coming through the valley.” 
Eight fire departments were brought in to battle the fire that was quickly spreading throughout the house and next door. 
Yan’s neighbor’s house is badly damaged and his is reduced to rubble. 
Photo courtesy of Woodbury Fire Department
He says his neighbors left for vacation just before the fire and thankfully weren’t home. 
In the meantime, Yan is hopeful Wolfgang will return and says he plans to rebuild his home. 
Anyone who finds the cat can contact the Woodbury Animal Shelter at 845-928-7161

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