Caught on camera: Intense storm downs trees in Chester

One resident shared on Facebook that the storm was so intense, they couldn’t see anything out of their window for several minutes until it passed.

Blaise Gomez

Jun 24, 2024, 5:01 PM

Updated 27 days ago


People in Orange County are still dealing with the aftermath of Sunday's intense storm.
Viewer video given to News 12 captured whipping winds and heavy rain in Chester and Goshen
Community members say the intense, fast-moving storm was frightening and made it difficult to see out of the windows, when it was at its worst.
One video showed deck furniture being blown aside in one, quick swipe.
“It was almost like the apocalypse," said Deborah Kippel. “Our awnings blew over and it was out of nowhere. The rain was so heavy and it was crazy.”
The storm downed trees and left some residents without power.
“Right now, we have no power. Hopefully, everything will be back soon," Andreas Runggatscher says.
Other viewers sent in photos of downed trees on their properties.
News 12 saw roads closed in town because of damages and crews cleaning the area.
The National Weather Service says the storm was likely a micro-burst of straight-line winds.

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