Central Hudson under investigation for alleged mismanagement over billing practices

The Public Service Commission has approved a motion against Central Hudson to determine whether there was mismanagement within the company that led to billing issues.

Blaise Gomez

Dec 16, 2022, 5:46 PM

Updated 528 days ago


Thomas Sullivan, 70, is among a growing number of Central Hudson customers with concerns and complaints about alleged errors in their bills.  
The retiree, who lives in New Windsor on a fixed income, says his Central Hudson bill went up last year from $90 to more than $300 a month, and despite calling the company for months, he doesn’t know why. 
“I think it’s unfair, and they knew there was a problem,” said Sullivan. 
Sen. James Skoufis says his office has fielded hundreds of similar complaints about unexplained high bills, missed bills or confusing fees from Central Hudson since last October. 
“We are talking hundreds if not thousands of dollars in erroneous bills,” said Skoufis. 
The Public Service Commission announced this week that it is investigating the company’s billing practices for possible mismanagement after lawmakers demanded a probe. 
“Once Central Hudson’s executive team found out this was happening, there were loads of things they should’ve done but didn’t do to correct the problem,” said Skoufis.
The company has issued an apology to customers for what they say is “undue stress and confusion.” They also issued a statement saying, “Central Hudson will continue to dedicate significant resources toward resolving any lingering issues with the billing system. We will always be committed to finding ways to improve customer service.” 
But for many frustrated customers with mounting bills, the damage is done. 
“This is not just a problematic technical mistake,” said Skoufis. “This is something that definitely includes mismanagement.” 
The company is now facing hefty fines and customer refunds if they’re found guilty of wrongdoing. 
The Senate Investigations Committee is also conducting a second probe into Central Hudson’s billing practices. 
Skoufis says that report and its findings should be released within a few weeks. 

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