Chappaqua woman shares story in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A Chappaqua woman revealed to News 12 how she is fighting against being diagnosed with breast cancer with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Jessica Meyrowitz found out in 2010 that she tested BRCA 1 positive, which led her to having a prophylactic hysterectomy to decrease her chances of getting breast cancer.
"I felt good about that, and I chose at that point to do surveillance for my breasts,” said Meyrowitz. “I knew that I was at high risk for my breast, just like I was for ovarian cancer."
Meyrowitz said she was cautious since many women in her family have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer over the years.
"Every time you get checked, whether it's somebody physically checking you or you're having a test, you literally hold your breath,” she said.
After consulting her team of doctors over at Northern Westchester Hospital, Meyerowitz decided to have a nipple-sparing mastectomy with diep flap surgery.
Meyrowitz will be a speaker at Northwell Health’s Bra Day event on Oct. 17.