circleback: What you read the most on News 12 this week

By: Kattey Ortiz
Every Friday, we're circling back on the stories you read the most over the past week. But we're throwing in your hot takes from social media to make things extra fun.
Normally we hear about ride-sharing apps and the hit the taxi business is taking because of them. This new one in NYC actually wants to help cab drivers by using them for the app! And the founders say it's a flat rate, just like their competitors.
If you grew up on Long Island, you know that the Smith Haven mall is (was?) thhhe mall. Sears recently announced it's shutting its doors at the location, which left Long Islanders in mourning and yearning for the good ol' days
A 13-year-old in New Jersey has invented and patented a self-decontaminating hazmat suit. And then there's us, beelining it for the sanitizer during the coronavirus outbreak. Check out his invention!
Inevitably, we are also talking about the coronavirus. The updates are hard to keep up with, so here's a timeline of how we even got here in the first place.