City leaders raise awareness about expanded paid sick leave

Dozens of city leaders hit the streets to raise awareness about the expansion of paid sick leave. 
City Council members and other local lawmakers joined together for a day of action to make sure everyone knows about new legislation that will allow more than 1 million additional New Yorkers to accrue paid sick time starting July 30. 
Fliers were handed out at strategically targeted subway stations across the five boroughs. Organizers say many people are unaware that they're entitled to care for themselves or an ill family member without worrying about a lost paycheck or job. 
The expanded bill requires employers, including nonprofits and small businesses, to provide paid sick leave if they have at least five workers. Those with fewer employees must allow unpaid sick leave. 
Mayor Bill de Blasio also helped promote information about the updated law. He spoke to some commuters during a stop in Brooklyn.