Clarkstown students learn dangers of driving drunk through fatal DWI demonstration

Hundreds of high school seniors from Rockland County witnessed the importance of why they should not drink and drive during a mock fatal DWI demonstration.
Seniors from Clarkstown High School watched first responders handle the scene of a crash – including a field sobriety test, an arrest and then an arraignment.
Also part of the demonstration – a dead teen driver put into a body bag and hearse.
“Some people may frame this as a kind of scared straight-type of presentation, but I don't think that's the deal,” said student Peter Grafstein, “It's very important and educational. And it's reality."
The event marked the beginning of the 100 deadliest days – the stretch between Memorial Day and Labor Day when there are increased accidents involving young people.
According to nationwide AAA statistics from 2011 to 2020, more than 30% of deaths with teen drivers happened during the 100 deadliest days.
Anastasia Karassik has been speaking out against drunk driving ever since her 13-year-old daughter Larisa died in 2015. The teen was out with her father, who was driving, and a friend to get ice cream in Upstate New York when they were struck by drunk driver.
"Drunk driving is not an accident as they say. This is a choice, and it is 100% avoidable. But it starts with the individual making a plan before they go out," she says.
She was there during Monday’s demonstration and hopes it will cause them to make smart choices this summer.
The next demonstration will be at Nanuet High School on June 5.