Commuters singing the 12 bus blues

? Although it was supposed to make commuting easier, some riders say the 12 bus is turning into a real pain.
After initial problems with the service, riders say they aren?t seeing any of the upgrades promised by the MTA. Specifically, commuters are upset that some local stops had to be relocated. The moves mean instead of waiting for the local and express busses at the same stop, commuters taking local service have to go to a different location.
?I?m paying $81 for my MetroCard just like everyone else, why should I get second-class service?? says rider Alan Byrne.
Other concerns raised by riders include the lack of a sidewalk at one Pelham Parkway bus stop and the omission of bilingual instructions for those who don?t speak English.
The MTA says the 12 bus is an experimental process and that it is going to make improvements.