Consumer complaints report warns Bronx buyers of deception

Bronx residents are being warned Thursday about the most common consumer frauds after the release of an annual consumer report.The Federal Trade Commission?s annual report of consumer complaints confirms identity theft tops the charts when it comes to consumer fraud. The report also notes credit card and online dating fraud as other common deceptions. Now, local agencies are hoping by informing Bronx residents they can avoid becoming victims. Officials say people must be diligent about giving out personal information online, as it often serves as an easy way for thieves to steal money or identities. Officials from the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) say fake debt collection letters also dupe innocent victims. They say consumers can check for a DCA license to confirm validity.The Better Business Bureau says online bargain shoppers should check the company?s record before buying. They say electronics topped the business categories for common deception by consumers in 2006. Many online shoppers complain purchases are delivered damaged or not delivered at all.